YoungBuffalo - a new iOS/Android app for monitoring miners - Claymores/Antminer/EWBF


This is an iOS/Android app for monitoring mining rigs - Claymores, Antminer, and EWBF Zcash are supported.


  • Fast loading.
  • Smooth GUI with asynchronous computation.
  • Users are allowed to edit rig information.
  • Users can re-arrange the order of rigs.
  • Remote rebooting is supported.
  • Users can view the full console of miners with one touch.
  • Easier viewing long lists of rigs with Compact view mode.
  • Highlight problems of too low speed and/or too high temperature.
  • Show incorrect shares (for Claymores) and rejected shares (for Antminer and EWBF).

Available on Apple App Store:

Available on Google Play Store:

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