Welcome to the Ethereum Classic Forum!

We are the original Ethereum chain that didn’t hard fork after the DAO, believing in immutability and decentralization. We are Ethereum Classic. We built the forum to help save discussions and debates on important topics in the Ethereum Classic community.

  • This forum is for all people interested in the Ethereum Classic community, new members and where active participants can engage in all things ETC.
  • Members can find information about ECIPs, Mining, Development, General Ethereum Classic announcements, and a member discussion where people can introduce themselves.
  • We wanted to build this forum to have a permanent place on the internet where members can find information and discussions about the community and the ETC protocol and future news. We also want to participate in debates together and have an easy way for people to permanently contribute their opinions and views in a way that others can see.
  • You can find more information about Ethereum Classic on our website here. For nice overviews of what’s new in the Ethereum Classic community, we highly recommend the medium posts by @anthony (pyskell) here and a more recent one here. We also have a wonderful community that hangs out in Discord if you want to interact with more members. If you’d like to listen to podcasts, then Let’s Talk ETC with Christian Seberino has amazing interviews.