We need more network decentralization NOW!

There is now a very good change for etheremine to do a 51% atack on the netwok…

If you use etheremine please change to a smaller pool. You want to change your pool ? I think that this could help you abit :wink:

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Ethermine has 53.60% right now. Wow, are they gonna attack just because they can??? That’s the million dollar question :slight_smile:

I don’t hope so. It’s just possibility…

Yes they maintain a large amount of hashpower, thats the nature of the market right now. I would love for it to be more “decentralized”, but it’s really up to the individual miners in the community to sacrifice more consistent / frequent payouts for greater “decentralization.”

This is why I think specialized hardware is critical for proper hashrate distribution. “ASIC resistance” is a novel / cute idea, but it’s just not practical in today’s market. Others in the forum will heavily disagree and threaten to stop mining ETC and find a better place to print money out of thin air. :smile:

There will always be specialized hardware which is the backbone of the decentralization we are seeing with emergence of new bitcoin mining hardware i.e. GMO, ASICMiner, Bitmain, DragonMint and more


I know one small pool you can try if you are interested: https://classicpool.io/

It is zero fees and run by a very friendly guy called Pex =)


classiclsComing, i respect you, really i do… but just say me… you are nowadays miner??? or just trader… i cant understand at all your ASIC-friendness…but well, as i say, i respect you… just i wanna understand you right… why, your reasons, your feelings about… cause as long as i consider you a rational personal, you are seeing something good there that i cant nowadays… and i would like to know or i would like to see “the issue with your eyes” to understand asic friendly reasons…maybe there will be…but nowadays i dont see hem…maybe you can help my to understand this issue from another point of view!! (allways respectfull)


Hi Kevin,

I can see how ASIC’s could help distribution in the mid term. What I’m concerned about is different levels of ASICs and how this will effect the economics.

What I think is going to happen, is a much more powerful and efficient ASIC will exist but the entry level price is so high that it drastically reduces the pool of entities that can enter mining. A similar situation is already playing out with the hardware lv1: GPU’s, lv2: ASIC’s.

if tthe pattern continues it will become GPU’s vs ASIC’s vs SuperASIC’s … then it will deterioate into centralization. For this reason I think the hardware mining need’s to be taken out of the picture. I’m interested in other’s thoughts on my opinion.


What are your solutions to solving mining centralization? Come participate in the “Centralization Solutions?” post in #classic-discussion :+1:

And by the way I am not a trader, I am a ex-miner and a realist looking long term :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve always wondered what it takes to start up a new mining pool. Seems like with a good working product and a little marketing, it might be feasable to pull off enough hash to pull them off of a 50% share.

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