Thief among us!

This address, 0xd41a70243bca4b29f4ad32fbfaf9ec52fd0e40d8 has possibly stolen over 528 ETC 270 of which i know for sure because it happens to be mine. I’m not sure what we can do about this as a community but I’m letting everyone on here know about this situation. it was stolen out of my emerald wallet which I downloaded last week. I have been saving these coins for over 2 years and have a lot invested. I know that my machine and network is clean so I’m not sure how this happened. Can anyone help or give suggestions on anything that i can do? I know that this is the nature of crypto, but I’ve been so careful and doing everything right with respect to my security. i would never post any of my addresses but at this point it doesn’t matter because I’ve been wiped out. my address is 0x6b3297b6027f0d65ba231afc1448b20c76c9a91e
Thanks for any help