The Final HODL and Saturn Protocol v2

The Final HODL: Prometheus

We have launched the final HODL on Ethereum and Ethereum Classic. Buy SATURN with ETH or STRN with ETC, choose your lock up period and receive a bonus. You can access the HODL program via the following link:

There is also a referral program built into the HODL program, you can find your unique referral link to share on the following page:

Note you need to be logged into your wallet to generate your referral link.

Saturn Protocol v2

You will find a complete overview of the key new features that will be deployed with Saturn Protocol v2 published on our blog:

We have also prepared numerous articles to go into more detail about certain components such as token-to-token trading pairs, DAO governance and dividend payments, Saturn Liquidity pools, Automatic Market Making and much more!

Happy HODL!

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