So finally, etc miners must buy ASICs

as it looks, finally some people are agree with ASIC for our loving Mainnet…this mean that if i want to keep mining ETC, i m forced to buy some fucking ASICs…right??? this is bullshit!

honestly, i am NOT agree… we are decentraliced net or not??? what hell do we want for our net?? i wont know nothing about gangters like bitmain…

just sad…T_T

Cant we vote about this issue???


This sounds emotionally charged. Bitmain has a terrible rep in the space but please don’t be blinded by past events or preconceived notions you may have. There are many benefits to what ETC has planned regarding ECIP1043 fixid DAG limit restriction such as low barrier to entry with ETC mining again.

Personally I’ve seen tons of comments favoring the DAG reset, so they can get back to ETC mining.

Its not the end of the world, nor is it the end of ETC. Quite the opposite actually.

In case you havent noticed Antpool makes up a relatively very small amount of hashrate on the main network, so your feelings are a bit misplaced.

Actually it’s Ethermine that makes up the bulk of the total ETC hash rate. Take everything with a grain of salt. Do some research - grab some extra knowledge and you’ll see the network is fine. :ok_hand:

Take a look at this graph

ofc it is emotionally charged! i have invest time, money, efforts… on keeping mining etc when it wasnt so profitable…i keep supporting ETC from begining…and now i am feeling this like a fucking silent assasin hit on my back…

my feeling is misplaced…BY NOW the net is right …LEL…RESET DAG?? so it is supposed that my fucking laptop is going to compense the entrance of ASIC? you mean this???¿? LEL… have you think on ALL eth miners that will move to ETC net in short time???, asic, eth miners, the natural dif increance…ETC will get a fucking hell for miners…

time to time…time to time…saddly it seems to be time to move on to XMR net…fuck my balls…T_T T_T…

pd: sorry if i sound rude, but i am really dissapointed…it is my problem i know…but i dont feel this situacion fair at all… it is all…i am noone…i am nothing… just anonymous miner, supporter and green emerald lover…


I’m truly sorry you feel that way. I know a lot of pools (Mostly Chinese) which have been mining since day one in the red.

We need to make decisions based on objectivity not emotion. Your dedication to ETC is most appreciated, but please let’s take things from a rational point of view.

What’s the difference between Halong creating an Ethash miner and AMD or NVDIA creating a GPU with the same amount of power?

the problem is that middle people like me and probably you (i dont know, and i dont want to insult you), we have to buy expensive hardware that it has been used (in case of asics)… the problem is the accesability, the price, the time of shipping… there are a lot of problems with ASIC in that way and you know it…so why ask it???

if ASIC were a popular option, accesible one… ok…but it is not reallity…

where is here the rationality letting ASIC join our net ( i am not sure to be mine like it used to be yesterday or 1 year ago -feeling-…)?? they are more efficent? more electric friendly??? from the other hand… we say “WE ARE DEMOCRATIC” and after we are letting superspecialised and exclusive (superexpensive) hardware coming to ETC net?? truly sorry and from my honestly, my rationalisim is quite different from yours…


Shouldn’t have said rational - I meant keep it Objective

Why should a group be allowed to decide who or what joins the network?

If ASICS where sold at BestBuy (and be readily accessible as GPUs) would this hurt or help the network?

As far as I can tell the hobby / middle miners will benefit from cheaper cost of equipment and lower difficulty.

By the way, have you ever thought that maybe these dastardly ASICS have already been on the network for months?

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if you consider an ideal scenario where gpu and asics are both easy to get, and if productor dont use them before selling, and if they are cheaper of course i prefer asic…but it is not the real world… that is the problem… as an asset, there is no comparison, but there are some another actors to have in consideration… economics, geograpic, ideological…

“in the point of why a group should decide…”…I never said that a exclusive group should decide this issues… what is more, if there is something that distintic ETC from other cryptocommunitys, it is the community sense, the help of massive small and individual hands to the green project, the ideological background of ETC ¿code is the law?,the aportations of all of us… so i just believe that ETC comunity, user, holders, miners…should decide about etc future…using the democratic way of vote, one person = one vote… because, what is ETC if it is not the people that compose it??? remember… WE ARE DEMOCRATIC…DECENTRALICED…

and finally, yes, i had suspected that there were runing asics on the net… but if we give hem a green light let see how much the diff will increase… cause they will produce much more of them… huge more of them…

i say that in the actual scenario, the ASIC is not popular (i mena, accesible for mayority) option, if they were in a idealistic world, okay, perfect, ASICS FOR ALL, but it is not like that in this running days…so i say NO to hem… cause i wanna protect the inmutable one net from centralization…

the past is not the present, but it is a good to learn that one must walk with “iron foots” … if you cut your hand today, tomorrow you will not climb a tree…if asics come massibely, gpus will get obsolet…


“code is law.” As such, it’s questionable whether those transacting over the software would want to change that law now.

but who decide in what way should the code change?? the thecnologic assets? people? the coin ideology? maybe we should start from agreen what we understand by decentraliced, inmutable, unstopable…

i understand that ETC has been created to improve people life…so dont should they choose the changes on code?? code must change in the way that time pass, but this changes should answer to the interest of mayority…choosed by this mayority…just from my point of view…

and yes, honestly i believe in “the code is the law”


I too am surprised that ETC has not chosen the Monero route. Even ,as emotionally fueled as cannakid22 is, I do with agree with him on most of his points. The counter arguments given are not realistic. We can’t buy ASIC’s at Best Buy and that ain’t happening anytime soon. It’s been over 4 years with BTC/LTC and there is basically one source who sets the price for equipment, decides when we get it and how much we pay for it. That’s why I quit LTC and BTC in the first place to move on to Ether and ETC. I am not going to fight about it, but if you choose to go with ASIC’s you will lose most of the enthusiasts who supported ETC. If you don’t care, then miners don’t either. Miners can still compete now, but that won’t last long when later this year Bitmain starts rolling out their E3 in July. First they were $800, then nobody from Ethereum or ETC bitched or threatened to change the algorithm so they raised the price to $2100. So they will keep playing with the price and controlling the supply while real miners can’t decide whether to buy more video cards or not because we don’t know if the next batch from Bitmain is going to be $1000 less then the week before, just like they do with all their other shit aSIC’s.

SO I understand cannankid’s anger and it is genuine. The arguments for ASIC’s are lame, and full of misconceptions that don’t come true. If you have ever invested 100K plus in real rigs, you would understand, but traders don’t get it or care.


Forking creating a new network benefits the ASIC manufacturers.

This debate seems so hostile. Also I never said ASICS are sold at best buy. I said if they were we wouldn’t have this convo.

As said before, “Code is Law” so why would we change that law now for a select group? In business you either adapt, evolve or die.

Many ASICS are shipped to hobby miners who just want the convenience of not having to put together a full on rig, but I guess others seem to want that build difficulty to remain. :roll_eyes:

My opinion is we must adapt. Don’t go down that rabbit hole. Focus on the technology, while also keeping an eye on ASIC manufacturing by a single company.

Ok. One at a time:

  1. Regarding competiion: That’s the point - you can’t find competition in the ASIC market, ASIC’s are not competitive at all, and there is a single source. If there was competition, then I would be more agreeable. At least we are mostly on a level playing field with GPU’s.

  2. If you don’t care about a 51% takeover or one entity controlling your coin/fate, then that is a problem in itself.

  3. We don’t want the “difficulty to remain” for building rigs. We want equipment that isn’t worthless 6 months after you buy it. I am guessing you have not ran a mining operation. It is a difficult thing to do and adding ASIC’s to the mix makes the life cycle faster. It is a pain in the ass to stay on top of, and harder to make money. You end up with a bunch of paper weights and spending half your time on ebay selling crap.

  4. Why does everyone for ASIC’s try to say Monero is a mess? THE REAL MONERO has went up $100 since the fork happened to get rid of ASIC’s and miner’s are happy again. The other forks will go by the wayside, and are supported by the likes of Bitmain because they don’t know what to do with their bullshit ASIC miners they made, now that no one can use them.
    Fork’s don’t matter- look @ BTC , how many have there been?

  5. Once again, if it has already been decided that ETC supports ASIC’s and embraces them, then miners don’t want to waste their time arguing. Tell us now, because as you said, ,miners need to plan ahead, and pointing hashrate at something else would be wise if ETC embraces ASIC’s. Because by the end of this year ETC will look like LTC did in 2014, A bunch of ASIC’s producing coins with little value, because everyone is just making and selling them to pay for their new ASIC’s. Miners will adapt by changing to other coins, and ETC will lose it;s distributed advantage.

  6. Finally, so the “code is law” is great, but are you saying the code never changes? There are improvements made all the time and it is always evolving, which can include changing an algorithm. I think it is more imporant that the blockchain doesn’t ever change just as the original intention of ETC.


cant be MORE AGREE with you techtot… really thank…some one how understand me… what happens whit all other miners…they are really agree with this situacion?..

honestly, i would like to know what are going to do the dev teams…if some of them purpouses an a fork or something… just ressetin DAG is not enough…

classiclscoming # just a question and i dont want to sound rude…but you are miner??? just curiosity…

honestly i would like to know what is going to happen cause if ASIC are going to enter i am going to start looking for another option now… T_T T_T

Good options for mining non-asic coins that are as profitable or sometimes more profitable than Ether are: Zcash, Monero, Vertcoin, PascalCoin, & Bitcoin Private. As a side note, PascalCoin is ASIC mineable as of recent, but they are implementing a non-ASIC aglorithm change soon.

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i had been reading and as i know bitcoin private is not so good option by now… what do you think? better zcash or monero? …in any casy i wll move when it will be officially asic friendly… (sadly i dont know who is decieding to be asic friendly, cause i did not vote nowhere if i am agree or not)…

what is more…who is decieding what to be??? i mean, who is decieding if ETC is asic friendly o risistance?

Unfortunately , somehow Miners have become the minority apparently. I too am surprised at the apathy, or maybe they will realize it when they wake up one day and find out it takes a month to get .01 :slight_smile:
There was initially much discussion, and a few people in the ethereum world still may be pushing for a algo upgrade, so we will see.

Yes, BTCP is risky, but you can still make good money as long as the coin is $25+ and diff doesn’t change too much. VTC and PASC are way underrated in my opinion. VTC is commited to anti-ASIC.

i have about 3x6 rig shappire pulse 580… for equihash algo they are fine?? maybe i will move xmr…you know man, secure bet!!! i am looking for the most profitable algo for my gpus…

it is really surprising about all other miners…they look as if they have already some eth ASIC miners!!! XD XD in any case, as yuou said, after there will be complains… time to time…as i said before, etc net will become a hell for us, gpu miners… unbelievable…R.I.P. ETC? T_T

If you have 18 x 580’s, according to “whattomine” , both XMR (Monero) and Ravencoin would make more than ETC, by about $3 a day right now. Ravencoin is newer and ASIC resistant too…but have heard it is hard on graphics cards. Monero is easy to mine with xmr-stak miner.

I have 4 riggs on amd; 2 of 6 rx480 8gb, 2 of 6 rx580, 1 rigg 6 vega54 and 1 rigg 4 1080Ti. i agree with cannakid22; im in in ETC because i like the coin; ETH its more profit, BUT i have my riggs in ETC by the project itself. ALL mined coins are in hold; with the DAG theme, i think its time to say goodbye to ETC. If the team don’t think about the GPU mining community, i think its better go to Monero who cares about that. It’s sad but i don’t give more to a project who think about a reduction of profit of the people who contribute for months (years in my case).
The worst thing its change without votes.

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Sumokoin change the algo in the past month. its cryptonight heavy. EMC2 in the past says that are ASIC res, but i don’t know; i left that coin because hold for a year and the team give ambiguous news.