Self-host ETC, Kotti, and Mordor BlockScout Explorers by POA

Self-hosted BlockScout on BYO Servers

BlockScout can be hosted in a hardware or cloud service environment

BlockScout can be manually deployed to a selected server environment. This provides control over costs, server location, decentralization and other factors that may influence hosting decisions.

Projects may also self-host and use a proxy server for additional load balancing, data caching or security.

Sites can be configured to reflect a chain’s unique branding, color scheme, logos and more. See the examples below.

Self-hosted BlockScout examples

ETC Cooperative

Projects: Görli Testnet, Kotti Testnet, Mordor Testnet Testnet Explorers:

Description: Görli Ethereum and Kotti Ethereum Classic Testnets provide reliable and robust Proof-of-Authority networks for testing across client implementations. Mordor is an Ethereum Classic Proof-of-Work Testnet launched in October 2019.


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