Seeking recommendations

Hello everyone!
Recently I upgraded my pc and was thinking to start mining. Would you recommend doing it? Is it worth to invest time and money in mining?

It would really depend on the spec of your pc and the cost of electricity in your area.

If electricity is cheap and you have a good GPU I’d say give it a try and see what return you get, but I would do some more research before starting, eg. Mining software available and pools and the cost of running your pc for long periods of time.

basically imnotarobot answered you… in other hand we have what is the level of your believeness on blockchain thecnology and mory exactly on ETC…

for example, i am basque (located between spain and france), so my mining costs are quite huge due to spanish electricity costs…anyway i believe on blockchain and on ETC, so basically a I am paying electricity from my wallet (luckily i have a good and stable job) and i am investing some money monthly in my personal bet, cause i think that from now to 5-10 years blockchain will be spread all around the world and in all thecnologies so from my point of view, it will worth in some middle future… ( i must recognize that i am a superholder… I only mine, i have never selled mined ETCs ^^)


i’m in the same boat as @cannakid22, i do however still make a profit if i sell my coins. But i have a hard time selling. I still think we are early in the game and there is a huge growth coming.
I dont panic sell. I gladly pay the electricity from my pocket and hold onto the coins i mine.
So it depends what your after. Also your profitability is very much dependent on what hardware you will buy.
I have 1 righ with 7x1070 nvidia cards and it makes me around 0.6 ETC a day.