Right server size for ETC Mining

I am trying to enter into the crypto world and for that purpose I have decided to go with the ETC at first. I have one managed Vultr cloud server in spare which is powered by Cloudways which I bought for some other purpose but due to some issues I was unable to use that server. Now, I am planning to start the mining of ETC through that server. But, I am not sure if the server is of right size. Below is the main aspects of server configuration:

  • Processor 1 Core
  • RAM 2GB
  • Bandwidth 2TB
  • Storage 40GB

So, is the server is of right size or I have to purchase another server with different configurations.

Hi, I am not an expert on this. Anyway, this is what I know so far:

The main number you are looking for when mining ETC is the hash rate. In your server i would estimate that is virtually nothing. you would need to add some GPUs to that machine…

I think the recommendations are 2 core processor, and if using windows then 8G RAM, for Linux can do with 4.

I use the website whattomine to have an idea of what GPUs are good deals. though it is not just as simple as buying the top 1… even if you can find them, that is…

Also consider that different pools pay different rates, I use hiveon, no for other reason but because I am fairly new to this and they really dumbed it down for me, it is just so easy to use, quite possible there is other pools there that pay more, just need to find them… anyway if you go to their website it says you are expected to make 0.79 ETC for every 100 MH/s

Hope this helped.