Rapid deployed Testnet ecosystem [Taken / In Progress]

Initial proposal / request for help for creating a docker-composer tool kit for the test net.


A developer wanting to use the morden testnet runs a script that trigers a docker-composer instance( or something similar) that spins up three nodes:

  1. geth-etc syncing to morden

  2. classic ether wallet

  3. etc explorer

  4. testnet miner


  1. Geth-etc:morden | functional

  2. classic ether wallet | not dockerized

  3. etc explorer | not dockerized

  4. docker composer file | NA

  5. testnet miner | morden-49er
    mines to faucet addess with one address by default

Final state

Once completed, this will be added to the etc github repo with a snazzy project name (Gravity well project)


Do you need funding for work-hours?

No, I am billing my time to someone.


Hey Cody, is this prop completed?

This is a bonus but maybe it would make sense to remove all networks from dropdown, leaving only the test network? Just in case
If i’m not mistaken they’re hardcoded here https://github.com/ethereumproject/etherwallet/blob/mercury/app/scripts/nodes.js :frowning: i still hope there is a config somewhere in there