Promine.Net Mining Pool - Let's decentralize ETC a bit more

We’re saying our “Hello!” to community!

PromineNet is ready and opens its doors to the world.

We’re happy to offer:

  • Fair PPLNS reward system with really low fee - 0.5%
  • Customizable threshold (0.1 -1000 ETC)
  • Stable payouts - every 2 hours
  • ‘Gold standard’ share difficulty - 4G
  • Qualified and friendly support via Emails
  • Notification service that helps to monitor your rigs (Email & Telegram bots)
  • All hashpower sources support - Nicehash and MiningRigRentals 're wellcome

Promine is built by miners. Promine is built for miners. For real.


Link to pool?

Like the one specified in the title. We’re mining a single coin, at least for now:

Sorry for inconvenience, the engine doesn’t allow to post the links.

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