Please help me recover funds

I have some ETC that has been sitting in the Daedalus Mantis wallet for a while. The wallet no longer syncs and I can’t seem to find a newer version or even the same version to reinstall it. I have the mnemonic seed phrase for my funds.

This is the Tx ID to show my last transfer out of exchange:


How can I use my mnemonic seed phrase into another wallet?

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So i checked the logs after opening the wallet. There are 0 peers to download the blockchain and the bootstrap is not available for Daedalus Mantis. I hope anybody has any information how to retrieve my ETC from this dead wallet, all i have is the mnemonic seed phrase.

Hi @Mr_Kush. Check here:

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The Daedalus Mantis does not hold your tokens. They are stored on the blockchain, spreaded world wide. With having the seed words you have an access to the tokens, as having the private key. So, yes, using your seed words in any other wallet, you will get an access to.