Official Ecosystem Proposal Template - All proposals must be in this format, or they will not be considered

Please note the rules below are only for proposals looking for funding. 
If you are simply announcing a new project and do not need funding then feel free to use whatever format you wish. 

Before submitting a proposal please consider the following:
Does your proposal directly benefit ETC?
Is your proposal something that other users of ETC can benefit from directly?

Please also note that proposals for tokens will very likely not be considered.
You are free to suggest them however if you think you can change our minds.

Please fill out all of the sections below. 
Give it your proposal some thought. 
Save a draft and come back the next day. This will help you write a clear proposal.

The more clear and actionable your idea the more likely it is to be accepted.
If any work or investigation is needed please do it upfront and provide sources.
Keep things clear, the easier it is for people to understand the more likely you'll get support.

Proposals that do not follow the format below and the rules above will not be considered.
If you cannot follow this format then it's unlikely you'd be able to execute the project.

Refer to existing proposals for examples:

You do not need to delete these notes, they won't appear in your post.
# Proposal

## Background
<!-- Describe the problem and history that has lead to your proposal -->

## Solution
<!-- Describe what your solution is and how it will solve the problem -->

## Specifications
Describe the resources you will use both in hardware/software and in personnel.

If you need personnel/people to do things and cannot do them yourself please add *Bounty* to the end of the item.
Please also be prepared to manage any personnel you're working with.

Please itemize all resources according to the examples below.
		Myself - Backend development in Python - $5,000
		VPS - Hosting for 2 years - $500
		Personnel - Need a frontend designer to create an interface - $5,000 - *Bounty*
	Personnel = Someone who isn't you.

Itemize the list and include prices for each item. The prices here are examples, please price out your project according to your needs. 
Please seek estimates before submitting a proposal if necessary.
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