New mining pool – Uleypool

Welcome crypto community!

We invite you to join a new, but already very profitable Uleypool. We mine mainly Ethereum, also cryptocurrencies available: Akroma, Expanse, Pirl, Ethereum Classic and others. We constantly add new coins, improve the service, simplify the interface and integrate new features.

We have:

  • Low uncle rate
  • Minimum ping on the territory of Russia and Europe
  • The pool commission is only 1%
  • Honest payout system: PPLNS with a depth of 50000
  • Full Stratum protocol support
  • Start without registration
  • Integration with Nicehash
  • DDOS protection

The pool has already paid the miners about half a million dollars — and it’s just a couple of months! Join UleyPool and get paid every 2 hours to your wallet!

The link to the pool: uleypool com