Mistakenly sent ETC to ETH

I hope you can assist me. I mistakenly sent my ETC to ETH not realizing they were two different altcoins. I use ledger nano S and did not have ETH at the time. Is there a way I can recover my funds from wherever they are hiding and place them back into my wallet. I use Coinbase. Thanks.

If you have to private key to the address you sent it to. You should have. Then just import the private key back into etc. If you sent etc to eth address at coinbase ask them to recover. YouTube this if not sure how to import your private key. You still have funds so don’t worry too much

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I did the same thing, I sent my ETC from Coinbase to my ETH account on my ledger Nano. Its been a month and transaction shows completed by Coinbase with plenty of validations, but hasnt shown up in my Eth ledger account. I asked Coinbase for help, they directed me to Ledger. I asked Ledger for help and they directed me to Coinbase. Coinbase says since it is a completed transaction- they cannot do anything. I am stuck. I am not sure if your response above will work for me since I sent it from coinbase to ledger. Sorry, I am a noob and this was my first screwup! Help! Please!

Use MEW to access the funds just open the ETH app and change the Network at MEW to ETC you should then be seeing the ETC in the ETH wallets. No worries if you sent it to any ETH wallet address of your Ledger they are still there it’s just a bit different how to access them.

See this post.