Is there any re-branding plan?

Some koreans believe that ETC will be changed name by re-branding.

Do you have any plan??


I do think at some point we need to drop the whole we the original chain thing and move on. Doesn’t matter anymore. Rebranding might be the best way to do that.


Ecliptic - ETC


The analogy is ETC is the power source (The Sun) and the side chains are planets…yadda yadda yadda make it sound cooler.

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I also believe it might happen one day but only if there’s a community voting mechanism in place among other things

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i’m against it. might as well start a new chain if you’re gonna rebrand.


completely agree with you @elaine :100:
Im all for a revamping or a redux of the ETC brand collection but not a rebranding.

Im not sure where this rumor that ETC was name changing came from.


By the way, Ethereum Classic is regarded as the original Ethereum, the only ethereum in China. Rebranding sounds “cool” but its not the end-all, be-all for cryptos or any product.

If a coin rebrands and doesn’t improve, users will want another rebranding campaign, which is so costly. Just look at coins like with Dash, or Pivx.

ETC can and will supersede the achievements of the two mentioned, without confusing users, and manipulating markets.


I suggest rebrand the name by ditching the “Classic” moniker. In tech, classic conveys an old, outdated, resistant to change vibe. Keeping the Classic name will not help ETC in the future. On the otherhand, I think we should keep the “Ethereum” name because: A. ETC is the original Ethereum, and B. Ethereum has a value as a brand. Therefore, I suggest ditching the Classic. A few ideas I have:

Ethereum Cash
Ethereum Core
Ethereum Coin
ETC (just “ETC”)

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I also agree with Elaine.

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Originally I was keen to stick with Ethereum Classic, although I’m starting to favor a re-brand to escape the shadows of Ethereum.

ETC has different goals and use cases now so I think a re-brand maybe positive.

I can see your line of thinking @peter. And I have seriously considered that idea. It was not long ago that I would have argued your point. But I’ve done some research and thinking since.

I think it’s very important to remember that the Ethereum story is actually an Ethereum Classic Story. I think it’s possible that the rest of the Crypto community will learn this. Yes the fork has the bigger market cap, but that does not mean that ETC lies in ETH’s shadow.

When it comes to being different to Ethereum, that was always the case (even before the fork); this community believes the core value proposition of any blockchain is immutability; valid transactions can never be erased or forgotten.


Maybe just EtherClassic ? same Ethereum Classic Story, without confusing users and 2018 etc is in new roadmap not same as ethereum.

Killer whales are not actually whales. They are enormous dolphins, yet we still call them Killer whales, sometime Orca too.

I’m not confused about what a Killer Whale is because it is not a difficult concept to grasp. Primary school students can grasp the concept too. It’s not easy or cheap to change the name. So is it worth it? Perhaps we could just learn the simple concept that they are called Killer Whales because they kill whales.

Unlike the Killer Whales, Ethereum Classic is actually the original un-tampered Blockchain. If Killer Whales were called Orca Dolphins from the beginning, it would not make sense to suddenly change their name to Killer Whales.


I agree with @Gandalf, @ClassicIsComing and @elaine; now is not the time for a rebrand. It is expensive and complex to do it right involving much prep work followed by massive PR. Such marketing strategies are useful when a company or product moves in a new direction away from something established that is becoming obsolete or negative to the general public. The Ethereum name is neither. Ethereum the Forked does not and should not have a monopoly on the name. And so far, the most widely known “negative” thing that has been done to the Ethereum name gave birth to Ethereum the Forked and saw the Phoenix rise to become Classic. This is to our advantage and should be used as a strength rather than discarded like something for which we are ashamed.


Changing the name is not a good idea.
As long as Ethereum is emerging, never forget that it is under its influence.
All spirit is expressed in the name.
A new entrant who does not know DAO comes in knowing us from the name of etheum.
We should not close the gate.
Changing the name is the privilege of the final winner. That is not the time yet.

This is an image that is currently in fashion among Japanese investors.I think that it is interesting.


hi there guys,

i will give my humble opinion… the problem is that i will be short due to my english is really bad… (sorry, i am basque, so i speak fluently basque and spanish).

As I see, this discusion is completly lexical discussion… from this field, we must think on what way the language affects on the people ideas and ways of being. As is well know, the vehicle of ideas and memories is langueage, we cant think on our own or with other if it is not in one languge. In this same way or path, we find that emotions and sentiment are builded on language too so this point of rebranding is not a small or little discussion!

In the same way we must consider what kind of generational ideas, language subtleties (think that society different generations uses in different way the same language, creating new concepts) and other psicological, social and linguistic will have this new ussers that in some middle time will join ETC.

Maybe, by now classic is good, but maybe, in some future (and as welll as time goes ETC and ETH more and more differ it will do more sense) we should discuss this point again. Ofc, from my point of view Ethereum should mantain, but classic may be risky in some future… i dont know cause i dont know the future, but language will help to ETC project…

sorry my awfull english, sorry ^^

How about renaming Ethereum Classic to Ethereum Callisto… it would nicely associate the new Callisto coin to it’s original blockchain

from my point of view, ethereum callisto doesnt make any reference to the original concept, that ETC is the original mainnet of ethereum… i am more likely to ethereum core…but it is only an opinion, and as is sayd before, by now it seem to be quite good calling ETC etehereum classic… ^^ just my opinion!

That you think of “Climate” !? replace the Classic on Climate.

at most - in understanding of natural processes of an ecosystem, the climate plays an important role changing the image of the planet.

at least - weather in an environment of the user of ETC, in the house.

“Climate” has function of creation and destruction!

I’m all in favor of a redesign / revamp of the entire Ethereum Classic brand language and collection. There’s still no standardization on branding (and a website is not the only thing in a brand’s collection). Have a look at the new POA redesigns

The website is a perfect example of us moving in the right direction, but that same momentum needs to be built upon, and applied to other components with a campaign.

Similar to this previous campaign plan which was overseen by @ninjapool

This is something that the teams and stakeholders need to deeply consider, as the same old visuals and lack of brand messaging and consitency will make ETC less attractive.

We have the resources and the ability to get this done. Decisions need to be made.

What are your thoughts on resolving the issue with the ETC brand collection? @anthony We really need the brand to reflect the work being put in.

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