I sent etc to eth wallet [Solved]

Hi, I also have the same problem, I sent the ETC to ETH at [some unrelated ICO], this is a new project and they only have ETH and BTC wallet, can anyone guid me how I can take my ETC back?

You need to ask them.

This is so sad if you don’t have your private keys with you, sending ETC to ETH or vice versa. I think we need to raise an ECIP for this like the one implemented by Bitcoin Cash. This is to differentiate ETH and ETC address, this will also reflect positive outcome to ETC investors showing them that we care about their money.
This issue happened to me as well, I am just lucky that I used Jaxx and I have my private keys with me.


$2000 is huge money, you can go from north to south you won’t be able get any from the streets.
What do you think guys?

I just checked this 0xaa43e382d77d2878d4166680cf2a9f8957b972b8, it seems that someone from ETH owns this wallet because it has balance.

Ethereum Blockchain

To sum it up, the person who owns this wallet might have private key you can use to obtain your ETC to this same address. The big question is, how can you contact the owner of this ETH address and how much is the possibility that he will lend you his Private key.

Nearly impossible.

the address belongs to the strange coldwallet system that freewallet is using.

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Any news about it ?

im the owner of 0xaa43e382d77d2878d4166680cf2a9f8957b972b8. i dont have the Private key. what should i do??? i sent 20 mails to freewallet.com. this happend a month ago. all they said is that there working on it. did i lose my 2000$

@ronnmarlowe @ngaothien87

I would not say you lost them but freewallet is a really bad idea for storing your coins

Email them again, they should at least provide you private key… Without this, I guess you wont be able to have access the coins from this wallet.

they just email me back

Freewallet: Hello,

I believe if you send ETC to our ETH address we are unable to retrieve it due to technical reasons.

This address (0xaa43e382d77d2878d4166680cf2a9f8957b972b8) is a standard wallet address. If they have the private key for this address on the Ethereum chain then they can use the same exact private key on the Ethereum Classic chain.

In short there is no technical reason preventing its retrieval, that is incorrect, it’s that they’re unwilling to expend the effort required to retrieve it.

thank you @anthony

when i asked for the private key

freewallet: We have no private keys for the ETH wallet because it is a Cold Storage.

me: then what should i do? how can i get my money back?

freewallet: Unfortunately, I believe that’s technically impossible.

also found this link

Well they would never give you their private keys, that’s a security issue with them. The only way you can get your ETC back unfortunately is by convincing them to refund it.

Hello Itay,

Please provide us with full-size screenshot (not from explorer) where we can see a hash.

Best regards,
Freewallet Support Team

im having a hard time understanding what he needs? can someone help??

@MM_MarioMichel @anthony @ngaothien87

I think they want to see the TX in your wallet with the whole TXID.