I sent etc to eth wallet [Solved]

two weeks ago i used changlly to send btc to my eth wallet. in mistake i clicked on etc. i have tried to reach my wallet service but there not giving me an answer. can anyone help me? the wallet is called freewallet

Yes, what wallet are you using ?


Never heard of free wallet. As long as you have any of the private key/ mnemonic/ json file to that address then you should be able to access it by putting it into: https://ethereumproject.github.io/etherwallet/


i dont have a private key/ mnemonic/ json file. all i have is the hash address. should i ask for the keys from my wallet?

Yes, you should be able to get the keys from whatever wallet you’re using. Just don’t share them with anyone.

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is there such a thing As a hosted wallet that can not provide keys or are they obligated too??

No freewallet is a centralized wallet… One huge storage/paying wallet. @itay who owns that wallet

@itay I would recommend you to change your wallet to a hardware wallet.

Software wallet

Hardware wallet

or just that one
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Jaxx is not open-source, cant recommend it, but if this is his gastracker link then he has just lost 2k$ if he doesnt get the privkey

i own the wallet. i sent an email to freewallet support, asking for my key. my question is can i get it with out there help?

this is whats on there website when i type “where is my private keys”

“As Freewallet is a hosted wallet, it’s not feasible to provide the private keys to individual wallet addresses. Doing so would prevent us from taking advantage of our secure cold-storage technology to protect your funds.”

thank you for your time @MM_MarioMichel @Preisschild @anthony

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I don’t think so because freewallet has got all the privatekeys or if they don’t that would be interesting where are all the privatekeys stored. Because as I already said freewallet stores the ETH you get in there own wallet this is why you can sign in/log in with Google and Facebook. account. I would again recommend you to change wallet

yea he should change wallet, but he has over 2K $ on this wallet

try to contact them if there is something that you can do

i will for sure change wallet, but only after i get my money.

Just wanted to know if you got any news. “Freewallet just support ETH” this told me one of there supporters.

they told me there working on the issue. i havent heard from them in weeks. i asked for the private keys. and didnt get an anwser. should i wait patiently or do something?

again thank you to anyone helping.

Yeah just ask if there are some news.