Hello everyone

Hello, I am a new member and this is my intro post, I am looking forward to learn about ETC. Thanks

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Hi hobbs111 and welcome on board!

For more informations around ETC: https://ethereumclassic.org/

I also recommend you to read ALL the posts by Donald:

If you want to have instant communication with community members, then you can also join our discord channel:

We have also daily active posts on subreddit:

We have different ways of communication platforms, if you are restricted with i-net on your side…

Let us know, if you need any help :wink:


P. S. Tell us more about you. How do you came to ETC ecosystem? What is your background?

Hey, everybody) My name is Anastasia, i`m from Ukraine) Fan of snowboards) Also working in IT company Mobilunity as content manager Also want to learn SEO, can anybody tell me how i can begin?Maybe, some interesting resources of info? Internet is so huge, but im not sure that i will find something respectable)
Will wait for some answer)

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Hi Anastasia and welcome to ETC eco :slight_smile: . I can give you a start/advanced help in to ETC eco, if you are interested in. With SEO (search engine optimization?) I cannot help.

Da vang.toi dong y

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Hello and welcome to the community!

Hi, Friend. How are you? Most welcome to join the community.