Redesign and Improvement [IN PROGRESS] [LAUNCH: MAY 21 2018]


Background currently averages 300k views per month, however the information on it is woefully outdated, and its design is not up to par with other blockchain websites. This is largely a consequence of the abrupt and ad hoc nature that caused ETC’s existence.

The website serves as little more than a portal to ETC-related resources. There’s also a blog with a rather antiquated appearance, and a history of ETC that is entirely outdated and very DAO-heavy. While our origins are important it’s really not the end-all, be-all of relevant ETC information.


The website needs to be completely redesigned with many of the existing materials migrated over. Not wanting to destroy an history, the original website itself will always be preserved on GitHub and we can likely point a subdomain at it.

The new website will be broken down into several sections and designed to welcome people of varying familiarity with ETC.

For current ETC users we’ll have much more information so that ETC’s development progress can be easily seen, wallets can be easily downloaded, documentation and FAQs are readily available, and a blog with multiple contributors can keep everyone updated on ETC news.

For the newcomers it will familiarize them to ETC’s capabilities and philosophy. Think less emphasis on The DAO and more emphasis on how we are still conducting ourselves in a highly open and decentralized manner.

Specifications/Website Sections

Text/Copy for the website is here. Please review/edit if you can.

Understanding Blockchain / ETC

  • Understanding blockchain: Blockchain in general.

  • Why ETC: ETC’s value proposition/mission statement. ETC vs. other blockchains. Accompany with a short explainer video if possible.

  • Getting started/New user onboarding: How to use ETC/basics.


We need a section for each dev team (currently 3).
Ideally these can be displayed side-by-side (if not too cluttered) and each dev team would have the ability to edit their own section (and no others). Alternatively separated by tabs.
Should have progress bars to be easily understandable at a glance.
Structure should be Title & Progress bar with expandable details.
The luxcore approach to this is particularly nice:


Various social media links (reddit, telegram, discord, forums, etc.)


Exchange links


Wallet downloads (Emerald Wallet) / links to web wallets (CEW)


Likely integrating as many ETC bloggers are familiar with it. Also popular among tech users and gets our posts more exposure.


End-user/advanced user focused. Mining. Block explorers. Some is already available on the forums: #help-me:guides. Leaning towards for the full fledged documentation.


We’re very popular internationally, we’ll need to keep as much content as possible accessible to non-English speakers.

How you can get involved

Pick something above and comment how you want to be involved below. We can definitely use writers for the blog, FAQ/Guide contributions, and explainers for newcomers.

We’ll also need community members to review translations, the website is very popular across many countries, namely: Russia, US, Ukraine, China, South Korea, UK, India, Turkey. Russia/US are our top priority for the time being.

The community needs to be involved in the creation of the site.


The website design and hosting itself will be funded by the ETC Cooperative (


Hey Anthony, I can take the part of translation into german, russian. With taking part I mean translation of existing english texts into above mentioned language.
I am not a programmer or something like that. Just experienced computer user).


Will point out something if it comes up to my mind but so far it’s looking good.
I’ll volunteer for the Portuguese translation if necessary.


Great, thanks for volunteering @a.s and @D34D, I’ll keep you updated regarding translations!

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I can help from,

  1. China Translation Review
  2. ETC D3.js data visualization Design (Road map, milestone, ECIP visualization)

Than I can be of use. (Russian)

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I have no problem if someone wants also to translate in the mentioned languages. It is even good if someone do a double check )

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All perfectly! You will be the main :+1:

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@anthony, is there a release date for the website?

~7-10 weeks

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good, thanks

@anthony passing the info to IOHK :grinning:

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Great! I’ve just commissioned it so the ball is officially rolling :grinning:


Hi @anthony, for info: The most time for the translations I will have on the weekends. In the week I am at the work, ~2h/d for the translation is possible. And I am from Germany.

Thanks for letting me know. I’ll keep you updated!


Thank you for your contribution to the ETC community. Designing web pages is actually a tedious thing. You can’t satisfy everyone, but you can meet most people. The amount of web browsing is directly related to the market heat of ETC. Please stick to it.

I think we should pay attention to typesetting when redesigning the webpage. We should highlight the three most important problems in the layout, such as price, practical application and news, especially the practical application of ETC.

When designing layout, we should consider the most subtle psychology of users. Most people do not understand technology. Why do we have to ignore 90% of people and stick to those 10% people?
Investors are most concerned about the price. Businessmen are most concerned about the actual application. News is everyone’s concern. Designing web pages around these three points is feasible.

I suggest that the content of the website design more pictures, because there is no language barrier in the picture.
There are many links in the website that can’t be watched. We should read the content directly in the website instead of clicking on the link.
Including YouTube is inaccessible


Here’s some very rough draft text for some of the info sections:

If you have any changes please submit a pull request.

If you don’t know how to do that then please learn since it will make the process easier, it’s pretty easy and for this case can be entirely done from a browser. I’m also happy to show you how if necessary.

I will of course also accept changes/additions submitted below as a last resort.

Good news. I should have mockups/preview images earlier than expected; likely tomorrow!


The luxcore website is well laid out. It would be great.

Happy to do some blogs or video’s such as this one I did on the history of ETC:

Christian S’s last podcast was good by the way. It would be good to do a blog with more details on the satellite data.

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I am a full-stack developer, web and have some development knowledge in Scala, but mostly have been mixing up PHP with jQuery and other JS. Have worked in design at BBDO Puerto Rico as well as digital media content manager and copywriter. Am completely fluent in English and Spanish, as I learned both from infancy.
Would love to help ETC in any way I can with my skillset.
unherduf (andres.)