Ethereum Classic Solo Mining(with a own node)

Hello everyone. I do mining during last 2 year and during this time i always mine on mining pools. Now, i want to mine solo but not in a solopool. I wanna create my node and i wanna connect it with my mining rigs.
Why i want it ? Because pools pings are high(60ms-130ms). If i connect to network from my internet then ping will be 2ms and it is a important factor for find blocks…
Who can help me for this. What are the steps ?
Thank you for now.

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Hi minexpert. Here you find different explanations:

PS: Please next time look here in forum before opening a new post ;-). There is already one

It is not my answer. You didnt understand me. I m finding a way that create a node and connect it with myself and mine on it.
Your link just show that mining on pool. ı already know it, it is so basic method !


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Sry for misunderstanding you.