Ethereum Classic Atlantis Hard Fork

Hello everybody!
Let me introduce myself:
My name is Marcus, i am in crypto for 3 years. I like the whole community and i wish this forum could be helpful for all of us.
Actually i became a holder of ETC not for a long time, just from August.

I have a question regarding the latest ETC Atlantis hard fork. I Have not found any useful information about it except this video:

So if someone can explain me why is it good or not that the hard fork happened, why it happened and how it can impact at the ETC price i would much appreciate your time! Thank you in advance!
Sincerely yours,
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If you are interested in Atlantis fork you can check it out here:

Hi and welcome @Marcuslambo!

Here is a blog by on of the developers:

Another source, more technical:
my previous speaker mentioned already

Donald is another very active community member and blogs here: - > I suggest to read all of his posts!!

Also stay live up to dated:

Regarding that video:
ETC is not the fork of the Ethereum network. ETH is it due to the DAO hack. Second: There were no mentions by the ETC community, that there is going to be free coins. The Atlantis fork is an upgrade of the network.

Feel free to ask :slight_smile: