ETC Future

Hi guys,

(Sorry, my English isnt good, but i hope you understand it)
i would like to ask about the Future about cryptos in general.

Will there be more use-case scenarios than only investing?
I ask this, because ETC could win much, because it is cheap at the moment and could bring much for People.
At the moment, some online stores accept Bitcoin as Payment.
My idea is following: ETC Team developes a first party Wallet for iOS and Android. (My Plattform is iOS, so i tell about it)
This Wallet could create a virtual card that is usable with Apple Pay. And everytime a User pays with Pay, the App could exchange in RealTime ETC for €/$ and pay the Shop.
This process would have to be fast&secure.
(would be better, if ETC would work with Apple for a deep OS Integration for a better User Interface; maybe Apple has it own ideas about Crypto, dont know).
The Wallet would contain only Account Managment and buy/sell ETC, no Trader Plattform (or as seperated app), because of simple Design and user interface. Every idiot should understand fast, how the App is working.
Another Feature would be creating a server, collecting Peoples Mail Adress and/or Phone number to make them sending cryptos each other easy as possible. Like Whatsapp. Instead of Chats, you can send Cryptos. For People sending Money to their Family in other Countries.
You could work with Mastercard/Visa for exchanging crypto into €/$ so every shop, who accept MC/Visa, works with cryptos.
Maybe this could be a possible future to give cryptos more sense so everyone could use it in their daily lives.
I think over the next years, there will be more People buying Cryptos, because EU might regulate Gold buying. There were Plans to limit Gold buy, i didnt follow it till then.

Now a pleasure: Did you look at ETC Homepage? Its… kindly said… horrible.
I used an iPhone 12 Mini to look at.

1.There is a red information. If i try to tap on “X”, anyhow im tapping on Nightmode/Normal.
2. There are 2 scrolling areas, should be visible for users.

I like the idea, how the page is built. But it needs an optimisation.