ETC Build Challenge [Needs Review]



ETCCooperative is funding ETC related projects. This is a great way to attract developers.
And developers love challenges.


Let’s organize ETC Build Challenge (inspired by Stellar Build Challenge) to make the funding process fun & attractive.


Organize (recurring?) development challenge to build ETC related software.
Main features:

  • multiple categories
  • pre-defined prizes for each category
  • all submissions judged by board of advisors
  • audience award - prize based on community voting
  • clear rules

Minimum Viable Product

MVP may be implemented with:

  • email/forum for submissions
  • forum for discussion, rules, community voting, results, etc.

Full-Featured Product

  • Dedicated website for everything (information, submission, voting, results, etc).

Community involvement

It’s just a rough idea. All comments are welcome. All details needs to be defined :wink:

I’m only posting a proposal for discussion - I probably won’t be able to participate in organizing.


I agree @tzdybal this is probably the best way to attract outside eyes to the development side with contests like this. Ethereum Foundation / Consensys participate heavily in these types of activities.

As far as setting this up

  • Should we discuss more on the forum while waiting for approval before planning? (We could label Under Review in the title.

  • If it is approved what type of projects should we suggest the community to build. Something easy or more advanced?

  • Is the plan to plan to do these live in person or virtually?

  • Do you think any of the teams should be involved at all - if so what way?

  • If you could add some ballpark costs figures, like hosting of a dedicated site. This would help the approval process move along more quickly

In my opinion, this would incredibly benefit all parties involved especially the ETC itself as a brand. Engaging with users in real life gives us more credibility, but also creates a better connection between the users / those involved and ETC, its operation, and the community behind it.

This would also greatly showcase ETC’s operational excellence further justifying its place as a top token. Im all for it, just see some logistical stuff that needs to be planned :+1:

I really hope this proposal finds its way to being funded :slightly_smiling_face:

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