Common Questions (Beginner through Developer)

This topic is in progress, if you’ve found a common pitfall please comment below and I’ll add it here.

Connection Issues

Light Client/Web Client

If you’re using Emerald Wallet/CEW/MEW then try another node, there is a drop down in the top right of each of these. Choose another ETC-related node (such as Ethereum Commonwealth, gastracker, or epool).

Full Node

If you’re running a full node make sure your time is synced.

  • Windows: Control Panel > Date & Time > Internet Time > Change settings > Update
  • Linux/Mac: sudo ntpdate -vu In some cases you may need to install the ntpdate program with your package manager.

Using the Network

What explorers are available for ETC?

I want to use the ETC testnet (morden). Where do I get coins? Is there an explorer?

Coin Faucet: (Currently down)
Testnet Explorer:

The coins from the faucet are only testnet coins, you’re NOT getting free real ETC

SPV / I want to query the blockchain without using a full node

Try a public JSON RPC end point. *Remember to rate limit (something sane like <1 request per second)

Mainnet (live network) (ETCDEV) (BlockScout by POA) (ETC Cooperative)

Morden (test network) (ETCDEV) (@bakon

Contract Programming

Sending 0 value (Ether/ETC vs. Wei/ETC)

If you’re using a contract, it’s working correctly, but it’s sending you say 0 ETC when you asked it to send you 1 ETC then perhaps your contract is using Wei instead of Ether/ETC and actually sending you a very tiny amount of funds that aren’t always displayed on block explorers.

To fix this you’ll need to provide the amount to send in Wei instead of Ether/ETC. You can do this by calculating amount to send * 10^18 (amount_to_send * 10**18). Or you can use MEW’s handy calculator here:

Note: This is normally only the case when working with contracts, when doing regular transactions that amount is typically specified in Ether/ETC


Testnet explorer is not working right now ( ):

Please share new link or fix this site.


It’s back up! Think they fixed it a while back but forgot to reply.

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Sorry a little late to reply, thanks Anthony.

Yes we are constantly working on updates and try to release status updates on our twitter.

Morden testnet is not working