ClassicEtherWallet development funding proposal [Needs Correct Format]

Proposal: ClassicEtherWallet maintenance and development


CEW needs constant maintenance. Moreover, I’m planning to implement a full “desktop wallet” functionality in it which will turn it into a powerful development tool. I’m also focusing interchain services implementation. ETC blockchain will serve as a core of interchain services ecosystem. ClassicEtherWallet will serve as interface for these services.


Hire a full-time developer that will work on Ethereum Commonwealth proposal #43 and maintain CEW operability.


Personnel - AngularJS developer with a knowledge of EtherWallet structure and specifics of EVM and Ethereum Classic blockchain - $6,700/month - Bounty

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Thanks for submitting Dexaran, can you please break it out into the proposal format in the template?

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I’ve already hired a developer and we already started to work on the described roadmap proposal.

I’ve paid for the first month of work already but I didn’t received any funding yet.

I suggest that I pay the developer with Ethereum Commonwealth funds and announce a transaction here each month. Then the ETC donation multisig will pay compensation to the ETC Commonwealth - the equal amount of ETC that I paid this month.

I’m also appealing for a one-time compensation of the payment that I already spent - 233,86 ETC transaction.

Here is how I’m spending funds and documenting it:

Here is what we are going to do:

Here is what we did already:

  • Added functionality of deploying contracts with constructor parameters. (Critical for contract developers)

  • Fixed interchain balances issue.

  • Implemented Message System at ClassicEtherWallet.

  • Implemented wallet encryption functionality that allows to re-encrypt any exported private key into a key-store file format. (Important security feature)

  • Implemented contract deploying with ClassicMask/MetaMask.

  • Fixed 2 issues of DexNS name registering.

  • Changed gasPrice evaluation mechanic to prevent user mistakes.

  • Implemented gasPrice evaluation.

  • Almost done: Array type support for contract calls. (Critical for contract developers)

  • Implemented automated search of known contract addresses for automated ABI loading.

  • Added more networks to ClassicEtherWallet.

  • Added more nodes.

  • Implemented “background node” functionality (Critical for interchain services)

  • Lots of bugfixes could be found here: