Build rig max profit min power

Hi I sale old rig and build new for maximum performance/minimum power usage.

239MH/s 445w power usage.

Is one proble Titan V every cad not working the same first oc 140mhz next 120mhz and last 130mhz

Not bad, i run 7x1070 with 800w. Gives me around 210-220MH/s.

i run with 6 amd radeon pulse 580, 8 gb… i got 31.6 mh/s as much with every gpu but some time to time, it asks to dont overlock so hardly… XD the secret is touching the gpu cores!! in any case, actually i have 3 rig oF 6 amd pulses 580, hashing on 30.7 mh/s in stable way, no reset, no reboot…just perfect!!! it depends on net’s day difficulty, as normal i am mining about 2 ETC per day (1.89 - 2)… in a good days, 72 etc per month…

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