Block Explorer Proposal [COMPLETED]

The Ethereum Classic Cooperative has committed funding to ETC-based projects and we need help implementing these improvements. Elaine and I will be piloting this project but it’s up to the community to make this a reality!

Please see below on how you can help and earn some ETC in the process :grinning:

If you’re interested please reply to this topic stating your interest and experience!



Ethereum Classic currently has one great block explorer ( created by ETCDEV’s Igor Artamanov. However, this is a single point of failure and having a second option would be great for the community. Code for this block explorer already exists so there’s no reason we shouldn’t be running it!


To address this, ETC needs funding for a server that can run a dedicated node along with the block explorer.


2 dedicated vCPU
400 GB attached storage

Community Involvement

1 community member to run the Block explorer using the currently existing code at:
Overhead (Server costs): $80-100/month
Compensation: $100/hr up to 10 hours


All “compensation” will be denominated in ETC as of the spot price at the time of project start.
“Compensation” will be paid once a functioning server/code is provided (as applicable to the above).
All “overhead” costs will be paid in ETC as of the spot price at the time of project start for the first payment, and at the spot price of all subsequent distributions.
“Overhead” costs will be distributed in 1, 2, 3, 9, and 9 month increments as community members reach milestones of providing reliable service.


I will put it up under and it will be hosted by MinerTopia our Community group.


Excellent! Would it be possible to add an acknowledgement that the hosting is paid by the Ethereum Classic Cooperative?

Assuming you’re accepting them covering the hosting costs of course :slight_smile:

I can add the ECC logo to the home page in the repository.

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Sure as long as i have the verbiage I will add it to the explorer.

Ok added it to the front page of the explorer can you provide me the link so I can link it back to the Cooperative?

Excellent! Amazing how fast you turned this around Cory.

been with ETC for a long time and run MinerTopia we have to be fast :slight_smile:

Elaine requested this address 0x780561341084c0c4d122216c21ef6cd6e41382ca


I don’t know whether this is still available, but I had 300 mbps upload and download, and would be willing to allocate my machine to host something! ALSO, I have not had a chance to learn to operate a server, but would be willing to learn!

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We’re all good now but thanks for offering!


there will be other proposals coming up that you can participate in Lee :slight_smile: We appreciate your devotion to the improvement of the ecosystem - not just “Price Down, Price Bad, Me Want Price Up” :crazy_face:


@Coryvmcs1 can we sync up at some point to discuss Travis ci integration?