Acebusters game dapp on Ethereum Classic Chain proposal [Under Review]



In 2017 we have built and launched Acebusters (acebusters(dot)com) - a decentralized poker platform (dapp.acebusters(dot)com/lobby) and also a world’s first real time dapp. People have played over 10 thousand hands using our texas-holdem Dapp on the Ethereum mainnet. However in October 2017 transactions became way too expensive to play micro/low stakes economically and users left the platform. Now we are looking to migrate Acebusters to some other blockchain that will be able to support it long-term. We think that Ethereum Classic is the best option.


The Dapp can currently be used on the Rinkeby testnet. The smart contracts support cash games as well as SnG’s tournaments using multi-party state channel ( yellow paper: acebusters(dot)com/files/acebusters_yellowpaper.pdf). We worked out the following 3-steps proposal to migrate our Dapp to Ethereum Classic:

Tier 1:

  • We will switch Acebusters platform over to Ethereum Classic. All games will run with ETC as game currency;

Tier 2:

  • In addition to tier 1 we will develop the platform further so it can run multi table tournaments. We will extend the Dapp so it will be more user friendly and attractive to traditional online poker players and blockchain enthusiasts who loves poker;

Tier 3:

  • In addition to tier 2 we are going to run multi-table tournaments regularly and grow the ETC gaming community. Buy-ins for tournaments will require to purchase more ETC by players, and Prize pools will make tournament winners love and HODL their ETC.


We need following funding to be able to implement the proposal:

Tier 1 (Migrate to ETC):

  • servers, nodes, vps hosting for one year - 1000$
  • smart contract engineers switches the game currency to ETC, and deploy contracts - 1 month of work - 10 000$
  • backend engineer to setup servers that support the execution of the Dapp - 1 month of work - 5000$
  • front-end engineer to adjust UI and add new features to game - 1 month of work - 5000$

Tier 2 (develop MTT’s in addition to tier 1):

  • smart contract engineers extends the smart contracts for MTT - 1 month of work - 10 000$
  • backend engineer to extend communication protocols for MTT - 1 month of work - 5000$
  • front-end engineer to adjust UI and add new features to game - 1 month of work - 5000$

Tier 3 (Run tournaments daily, weekly, monthly).

Develop ETC Poker Championships Tournaments Series:

  • We provide a full time community/tournament manager - 1000 $ / each tournament (first 20 tournaments)
  • Grow community (social networks) - 3 month of work - 7500$
  • Optional - Advertisement posting - from 5000$ - to 50 000$
  • Optional - Set-up streaming sessions on Twitch (find a streamer) - 2000$

Finally, we think that the widespread adoption of Poker will lead to an increased adoption of ETC, and hence increase the market value. We want to work with the ETC community to make this a reality.


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I really like how well you structured the proposal, kudos for that. However I personally don’t support the idea. I think it would be a bit sad if we paid people to transfer their dapp on our blockchain.

Finally, we think that the widespread adoption of Poker will lead to an increased adoption of ETC, and hence increase the market value.

I really doubt this


Nearly everything you’re asking for should have been covered by your ICO, and agreed with @phyro about paying people to come over to ETC. That’s not how it works.

Vote of no from me.


Agree with Anthony.:grinning:

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Thanks for the proposal @ParsecLabs. Very well structured, great example for future proposals.

I agree with @phyro and @anthony - the whole point of moving to a more cost effective network is to reduce your operating costs right - how is it costing so much to migrate?

There are dApps which have made the switch with I believe zero cost to their existing operation.

If Acebusters needs any help migrating Im sure we find ways we can assist you. It just appears Acebusters is applying for ETC funding to operate their own existing application.

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Thanks for the feedback guys.

I think it is a good chance to give some details about the project. As @anthony mentioned, we attempted an ICO, but did not raise our minimum and returned all funds to investors. This was at the same time when we experienced the capacity issues with Ethereum, at which point we closed down the project and everyone went to do other projects. So at this point we have no funding whatsoever to continue Acebusters.

There is indeed a cost in migrating any app from testnet to a production blockchain. not only deploying contracts, and potentially adjusting code (last time i checked ETC did not support dynamic size return values on delegatecall(), which we rely on). Also setting up faucets to simplify the onboarding of users to pay the gas for their first transaction are functions that we are thinking about.

So to sum up, in stage 1 we simply summarized the cost to get the former project members’ focus on the project again and revive, migrate and test the dapp. 20k is not a big sum for a small team, and without it, there is simply no funding available to work on the project.

I really think its great that Acebusters choose to use the ETC network plus it makes sense network-wise. However, in my opinion, this sort of project should not be funded by the Community Fund or through an Ecosystem Proposal because it doesn’t directly benefit the community or ecosystem.

Its a cool game and very popular concept. There was a similar platform called etcbets which operated for sometime on the ETC network. Hope you succeed in reviving your platform, whether its with ETC or not.


Hi, I also agree that this dapp doesn’t qualify for community funding for the same reasons previously pointed out.

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