Sent ETC from Coinbase to Trezor(MEW), never showed up even tho Coinbase shows complete!

Please let me know if this isn’t enough inf, to track down where my 35 ETC went. I have verified that the address was correct on the send from Coinbase and the same address for recieve on MEW.

Thanks in advance for any help y’all can give me,

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Just checked the address and the etc was sent. You did 2 transactions the first being a test of 0.1. Do you know the private key to it ? If so try importing the private key into a mobile wallet like jaxx or coinomi to retrieve the coins.

Thanks for the reply. I don’t know how to get the private key from my Trezor…I can just import the keys from Trezor into MyEtheriumWallet and MyCrypto. How would I do it into Coinomi?

You simply can’t that’s the purpose of a hardware wallet… Anyway you shoud never use anywhere via import private key. Use just singing via the Trezor. If you want to have you funds in Coinomi send it over there.