Lost access to my wallet

Help me!
From my Ledger wallet 0xA0e2c4E43A83e5155B1a37E536849D0ca0b29e48 I sent 99.98 etc to my address 0x9D9c093bc81A068EB3045Cdc07FEc9a2a26c2557. But for technical reasons, I lost my Private key from my cough, but remained Keystore (UTC / JSON). Please help me access my wallet.

Go to

  1. ClassicEtherWallet
  2. Select Network ETC
  3. Select Send Ether and Tokens
  4. Select Keystore / JSON File
  5. Upload your File
  6. Unlock file if it is with your password if it has one
  7. Send it to another ETC Address
  8. Done

Hello! Thanks for the reply! The fact that the file contains the private key and the password was recorded by me on a single source (a Word document), this document is for technical reasons has been lost(( know I only have the Keystore file Json. But I have my Ledger wallet from which I sent my etc. Please help me, I am ready to go through any verification!

So you lost the password for the keystore file? Try to enter some passwords you maybe have chosen.

I don’t quite understand what you’re suggesting? The password was generated randomly, I already tried to pick up independently, but nothing turns out((

Hmmm so you generated that password and had it in the document. How long was it. Also with smal and capital latters and numbers?

It was 15.02.2018, then I moved my purse etc with Ledger on ethereumproject.github.io/etherwallet, to get Callisto/ 18.02.2018 And I lost my passwords. Left only the Keystore File (UTC / JSON)

So your File is encrypted and you don’t know the password? And why you moved your ETC over there every address at block 5 500 000 will get CLO in a 1:1 ratio. You just need the private key and ledger is holding it so you also do it on CEW with the ledger.

I created a wallet on through Ledger, and completely new, chose Keystore File (UTC / JSON) as a way of getting access. with Ledger I only translated my etc.

To make it clear your ETC are on CEW or ?

Yes, my etc at CEW

You could try this out to find the password.

Thanks, I’ll try!

You can get the private key from the Keystore file. You can brute force crack it. You can contact keychainx att protonmail dott com to have more information how to do it.

No. Don’t trust anyone that suggests that you send them anything on their email. Ever.

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