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I think this is the right place for this as a General Question.

Would it be possible for a Dev to reach out to me? I’d love to do an interview as I’d love to spread awareness of this wonderful coin and philosophy behind it.

I also posted in Introductions here:

Let me know if I need to move this post to a new place!

Would love someone to ping me from the dev team! Or marketing!

help me
i was stolen my coin
i did’n’t transaction yesterday

my email dj0071@naver.com
help me

Help me, 2018.06.14 11:53 am points, is the address in “0 xe386e3372e3d316ae063af50c38704ec6fba5149” steal 58626.41 gold COINS, hope can help solve the problem, need to provide a source address on my side can provide any, appreciated, and contact address 1124178978 @qq.com

i think ETCDEV should do more to expand this forum , few people here